Together, for the common good of St. James Town.

What is The New Common?

The New Common is a community space that may be booked by the residents, and organizations, that work in and near St James Town. This would be an exceptional space to host programs for children, youth, adults, seniors and more. To book the space visit, contact us.

The name was chosen to best communicate what we hope will happen in the space―people working together for the common good of everyone living in the community. This points to how The New Common is also an approach to living as a community characterized by relationship, collaboration, diversity, creativity, and empowerment.


The New Common is …

  • Relationship

    Relationships define people. It is through relationships that people discover their identity in order to learn and grow. Therefore, relationships are central to change. This is why The New Common is a place for people to form, strengthen, and repair relationships.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration breeds widespread change. Throughout history, changes to society have been often a result of numerous people contributing their unique assets to achieve a common goal. For this reason, The New Common is a space where people collaborate to further positive change.

  • Diversity

    Communities benefit from diversity. St James Town is characterized by diversity in stories, experiences, skills, and knowledge to make the community flourish. By integrating these elements in its initiatives, The New Common promotes diversity.

  • Creativity

    People are creative beings. Whether people are artists, lawyers, carpenters, teachers, or are one of the numerous other professions, they are all involved in the process of creating something. The New Common is a place where people can use their creativity to positively impact others.

  • Empowerment

    Empowerment happens when people have a choice. The New Common is a space where people can choose how they want to be involved to benefit others in their community through using or developing skills, talents, and passions in the space.

How does it work?

There are various initiatives, programs, and events happening right now in the space. There are three ways to get involved:
1. Check out our Events section to see how you can collaborate with others.
2. Contact us at if you would like to use the space for another way to build up the community.
3. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive updates and happenings.



COVID 19 has left many people in the city, including those in St James Town in difficult circumstances. This is why The New Common is focusing on relief efforts alongside local organizations such a...

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