What is The New Common?

The New Common’s hope is to establish a new common that builds up society and perpetuates systemic change. We focus on partnership and collaboration. Many non-profits, activists, and agencies are doing good work that contributes to building our society for the common good. Our mandate is to help them accomplish their mandate!

As a non-profit ourselves, we understand the difficulties associated with the lack of volunteer resources, financial resources, and the energy to creatively ideate. So we are here to collaborate, energize, and empower you to enact the change you want to see take root.

How does The New Common work?

In our brief existence, we’ve partnered with over 100 organizations in our city and around the world. There’s three main ways we love to partner:

People Resources

We would be honoured to collaborate, partner on one of your events, or simply provide you with volunteers. Our people love to serve, love to sacrifice, and love to love. Click the button below to get the conversation started!

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Financial Resources

When we partner with you, we’re also available to help find financial resources if needed. This could be through grants, fundraising efforts, or even through our own organization.

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Creative Resources

We love to offer our gifts, talents, and passions for your purposes. We do this through leadership discussions, design and strategic thinking, entrepreneurial coaching, and also through video/film projects based on your needs. Video/film projects can be expensive and time-consuming, so we would love to help you share your story at minimal cost as we partner together for the common good!

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